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Any 1:72 scale M5 Tank kit
Company: OKB Grigorov - Website: Visit Site
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About the Subject (from Wikipedia)

“The M3 Stuart/Light Tank M3, was an American light tank of World War II. An improved version of the tank entered service as the M5 in 1942 to be supplied to British and other Commonwealth forces under lend-lease prior to the entry of the U.S. into the war. Afterwards, it was used by U.S. and Allied forces until the end of the war.

Although the main criticism from units using the Stuarts was that it lacked firepower, the improved M5 series kept the same 37 mm gun. The M5 gradually replaced the M3 in production in 1942. Total M5 and M5A1 tank production was 8,884; an additional 1,778 M8 75 mm howitzer motor carriages based on the M5 chassis with an open-top turret were produced”.

URL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3_Stuart

About the Item

These highly detailed resin versions of the drive sprocket used on the M5 tank are meant as replacements for the kit supplied sprocket, bringing a whole new level of detail to the model. There is a ring of small bolts on the inside diameter of the sprocket that is often missing on kit supplied parts and the teeth themselves are sometimes misshapen compared to these detailed resin parts.

There is light flash on the gray colored parts but the detail is crisp and cleanup with a sharp hobby knife is easy. The builder should determine if the sprocket will fit properly prior to assembly.

Care should be taken when removing the parts from their mounts to avoid damage. Because the attachment points are so fine most of the sprockets fall off the mounting blocks in shipping anyway. Epoxy or C/A glue is required for assembly. There are also seven pair as I suspect there are extras in case the fragile parts get damaged.

About the Supplier (From the OKB website)

“We are OKB Grigorov, scale model manufacturer based in BULGARIA. The business was established in 2003 year. Our main goal since then is to provide quality models and accessories with the maximum amount of details.”

These are nice pieces that will add detail and authenticity to your M5 model

Thanks to OKB Grigorov for supporting the IPMS Review Program and providing the review sample.


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