Spitfires over India

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February 3, 2020
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This 1/48 scale decal set, available from Iliad Design, provides markings options for six different Spitfires flown during WWII in the China Burma Indian theater. Markings are included for one natural metal, one dark green, and four camouflaged aircraft flown by British Indian pilots. The Iliad set includes multiple national insignias and roundels for each aircraft, along with the red lightning bolts for British Indian fighter pilot and instructor Frank Carey.

The six options are:

  • Spitfire LF VIII, MT703, of 607 Sqn, Imphal, India, May 1944. The aircraft is in the standard scheme (for the SEAC theater) of dark earth and dark green, with medium sea grey lower surfaces. It carries the usual SEAC white bands on the wings and tail. The spinner is white.
  • Spitfire LF VIII of WG CDR Frank Carey, AFTU, Amarda Road, India, April-November 1944.Carey’s Spit was specially finished with dark green upper surfaces and light blue lower surfaces, with a red spinner. The red lightning bolt helped Carey’s student pilots easily identify his aircraft in the air.
  • Spitfire LF VIIIc, No3 (Indian) Group Communications Flight, 1946. This aircraft was destroyed by the departing RAF on August 28, 1947. The aircraft is overall natural metal and included a 90-gallon slipper tank. Note the odd red/blue fin flash and non-standard C1 roundel size.
  • Spitfire FR XIVe, of the SFTS, RIAF Ambala, India. This aircraft features the standard SEAC scheme. Training aircraft usually carried large two-digit numbers on the fuselage under the cockpit.
  • Spitfire FR XIVe, NH861, with 8 Sqn Royal Indian Air Force; 1947. This aircraft is finished in the standard SEAC scheme with a yellow spinner. This particular aircraft has the Indian Air Force markings on the fin flash with the green stripe forward.
  • Spitfire Mk XVIII of the AFS (India) Ambala. This aircraft is in the short-lived post-independence Chakra markings. The Spitfire is dark green and ocean grey with medium sea grey lower surfaces and has a sky fuselage band and a black spinner. Note that with these markings the fin flash is carried with the orange (saffron) stripe forward.

Iliad’s decals are extremely well designed and have very bright and vivid colors. Everything is printed on a somewhat thin film. From my experiences with Iliad’s decals in the past, I have found that they will set well with and easily absorb Micro Sol, Micro Set, and one of my personal favorites, Walthers Solvaset. A double-sided, full-color printed instruction sheet is included. This sheet provides the modeler with port-side profiles and top views of each aircraft, with the under-wing marking locations indicated.

This decal set is highly recommended. The Iliad website is a great first option to purchase their products, and they also provide a list of retailers who stock their products.

Thanks to Iliad Design for supplying the review sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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