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Thanks to Eduard/Brassin for providing more of their excellent aftermarket parts for IPMS USA to review, and to IPMS leadership for sending it my way.

This is another simple upgrade to the Eduard “brassin” line… Wheels and tires for the Airfix new-mold spitfire Mk 1.

Why new wheels and tires? The wheels have deeper, more defined detail than the kit items, and the tires have the manufacturer’s name and the rib around the smooth treat circumference. On with the review..

First: Primer the parts. I use duplicolor flat black for this; (it’s a tire, huh?) once cured and dry, masked the back side of the tires with the excellent kabuki paper masks… and a bit of tape around the rest of the tire so I wouldn’t have to paint the whole thing over again. Leaving the brake assembly open for spray painting, I also placed the wheel fronts (spoked) next to the tires, and hit them all with Tamiya flat aluminum spray.

When dry, remove the mask, and remove the resin parts from the pour stubs; a swipe with a sanding stick, then touch up the black… When this is dry, superglue the wheel fronts to the tires in the recesses, then superglue all to the wheel struts.

Can’t get simpler than that! They look great, and are worth the extra cash for a decent looking kit.

Full marks to Eduard for the Brassin line; these are excellent additions to the line. And thanks again to our reviewer corps leaders for trusting me to do these up!


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