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February 8, 2017
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Base Kit
WW2 Soviet Army Figures
Company: Hauler - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hauler - Website: Visit Site

Most of the time, Figures in small scales, such as HO (1:87) are armed with weapons that roughly represent their 1:1 scale real-world counterparts at best, and more often than not, look like sticks or worse.

If you have any 1:87 scale WW2-era Soviet troops that need improved weapons, this is for you.

The kit is composed of 1 sheet of photo-etched brass, containing 10 WW2-era Soviet Small Arms, and 1 instruction sheet

The small arms are very highly detailed, historically accurate, and are folded in half to represent both 3D sides of the weapon. Iron sights and bolt-action levers, as well as magazines, and even triggers and trigger-guards are represented very well on the models.

As seen in the picture below, I have assembled the Mosin-Nagant standard infantry bolt-action rifle.

I would only recommend this kit to a modeler with sufficient experience with Photo-etched brass kits, and of course, only to modelers who already own some unarmed 1:87 scale troops.


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