Soviet Pilot with Ejection Seat for Mig 19 Farmer

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May 11, 2023
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First the usual “thank you very much” to Aires for providing us another of their excellent resin items for review. We at IPMS USA truly appreciate your support…

This is a simple set for Trumpeters’ Mig-19 “Farmer”, in that the kit seat does not provide a figure for those of us who actually use them for scale and human factor in a kit. Consisting of five molded resin items (torso with legs, head/helmet, two arms, and ejection seat upper brace) on one pour stub, it is simple to primer and paint for a final product. All ensconsed on one ejection seat.

AND, a painting guide is included for the seat and figure. Yay!

First, the seat appears correct and accurate in design and layout. Simple gray paint and it’s done!

I tend to attach the arms and head before painting, as I have found there are still gaps that need filling with the resin and superglue or epoxy to attach the parts… this way I can primer the whole thing and paint it in fairly rapid order.

I am not a 1/48 eyeball painter… I use basic drybrush and wash techniques, and they work for me.

When complete, I placed the seated pilot next to another Aires product I had reviewed in the past, a Sukhoi 27 pilot, and my initial impression was correct: the Mig 19 pilot had appropriately proportioned body and head/arms to fit the seat, but the legs appear to be about ½ the correct length.

I shall assume this is to provide foreshadowing effect in an already cramped cockpit… that way you could get the whole leg and boot in place, while making sure everything fits around it. Dwarfism? Who knows?

Your eyes be the judge, but otherwise I found the figure easy and a great addition to the Mig cockpit when I test installed it.

Another winner for Aires, thanks again for providing it for our review and IPMS leadership for sending it to me.


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