Soviet Fighter Pilot with Ejection Seat for SU-27 Flanker

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Company: Aerobonus - Website: Visit Site
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The usual Thanks to our friends at Aires/Aerobonus for producing and providing IPMS USA this figure for improving our models… And thanks also to the reviewer corps leaders for making it available to me to review….

This upgrade provides a 1/48th scale pilot figure seated in a K-36 seat for use in one of the Academy SU-27 family. It most certainly can be used in other kits as well… Superb details include leg restraints, the ejection handles molded in place, and all the basics you need to improve your model…

Preparation was use of spray white Tamiya primer; once it dried, the basic figure was painted “In situ” on the pour stub. I opted to give this gent a temperate flight suit color verses the blue-gray commonly worn in Russia. You can also paint the seat orange; get out your references for accuracy. The seat is basic black, with highlights in silver (the comm and sensor suite on the lower left of the seat pan for plugging in) with gray and blue straps, white helmet, and skin tone to match your typical Russian or Ukrainian pilot. Once light highlights and shadows were worked in, the arms were removed and superglued in place, as was the head and helmet. Some final detail work, a razor saw to remove the seat, dust it off, and superglue or epoxy into the aircraft.

I really like the Aerobonus pilot and support figure series by Aires, as it adds scale to the models and is an opportunity to practice skills I would not otherwise tackle, not being a figure kind of guy. The sculpture work is magnificent, and the seated pilot with the seat harness in place saves a lot of time and work. With proper attention these can be stunning in delivery.

Done! This figure enhancement is highly recommended for improved detail and makes a marked upgrade to the appearance of the kit! Thanks again to Aires/Aerobonus and IPMS USA for providing these items…


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