Soviet 52-R.353M Limber

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Since 2003, when MiniArt released their first kit, they have become quite a diverse company, with kits ranging from figures to tanks, with most of their emphasis on designing kits either to enhance dioramas or stand alone.

This review is about the Soviet Limber circa WWII. I thought this was going to be an easy one when I first saw it on their website. It seemed that it was going to be as simple as gluing a square box together with a pole on it which attaches to a vehicle or a horse, paint it, and that would be it. Upon receiving the kit I opened the box which revealed 112 parts, all of which were finely detailed and some very tiny. These parts are contained on five sprues, although four of them have no more than ten parts each. I must say that I underestimated the quality, then thought the fit was going to be a problem. Not once did I need any filling for the seams, and all the parts fit together perfectly. The size of the parts did make the construction a bit tedious but the detail is in the small parts.

There are 20 steps in the construction process (15 steps if built to be pulled by a vehicle), all of which are easy to follow and are clear enough, even though they seem to be done on a copy machine. There are a few errors on the part numbers, such as the axe being called out as B15 but marked on the sprue as B29. Even so, the diagram is correct and these errors are not confusing by any means.

I would definitely recommend this Limber Cart for any modeling level because the construction is simple and straightforward. Just be aware that, since the parts are tiny, they can be very easily lost.

My sincere thanks go out to MiniArt and MRC for the sample and IPMS/USA for providing me with the opportunity to review this product.


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