Southeast Asia Intruders (2) USN A-6a, A6-B & KA-6D Intruders in the Vietnam War Decals

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January 4, 2024
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Cover sheet


This updated 1/48 decal sheet supersedes 48-006 and now includes additional options from 32-023 (VA-65) and 32-027 (VA-75). Five Navy squadrons are covered with multiple options for each squadron.

New full airframe data/stencils provided for one aircraft; however, additional data/stencil sheets are also available to purchase separately, see 48-023.

Decals also included for MERs and fuel tanks.

What’s in the Bag

7 total double-sided 8½ x 11 glossy sheets

  • 1 introductory sheet
  • 3 sheets for stencil placement
  • 2 sheets with upper surface views
  • 3 sheets with side views
  • 1 sheet with accuracy modifications for the Hobbyboss kit
  • 2 sheets with marking notes for each scheme

Three decal sheets

  • 1 large decal sheet with tail codes
  • 1 medium decal sheet with aircraft numbers, carrier name, and “Navy” marking
  • 1 small decal sheet with stencils and “stars-and-bars” markings


This decal set includes marking for 17 aircraft from five different squadrons.

Two squadrons, VA‑165 and VA-196, were tied for the most A-6 Intruder Vietnam combat cruises (5 each). Also covered is VA‑95, which supported the naval mine clearing Operation End Sweep along the North Vietnamese coast under the Paris Peace Accords. One of the new squadrons covered is VA-65; including the experimental 1966 camouflage trials and the ill-fated 1967 Forrestal cruise. The last new squadron included is VA-75 with coverage of their third and final deployment to Vietnam.

  • VA-65 Tigers - USS Constellation (1966), USS Forrestal (1967), & USS Kitty Hawk (1968/69)
  • VA-75 Sunday Punchers - USS Saratoga (1972-73)
  • VA-95 Green Lizards - USS Coral Sea (1973)
  • VA-165 Boomers - USS Ranger (1967-68), USS Ranger (1968-69), USS America (1970), & USS Constellation (1971-72)
  • VA-196 Main Battery - USS Constellation (1968-69), USS Ranger (1969-70), USS Enterprise (1971-72), & USS Enterprise (1972-73)

All aircraft are in the standard scheme of the era (1966 - 1973) of gloss gull gray over white with high-visibility markings. There are four aircraft with black radomes, six with white radomes, and six with gray upper and white lower radomes. There is a unique experimental three-tone green over white camouflage scheme.

While there are markings for 17 aircraft this set includes only one sheet of stencils and stars. However, additional stencil and star sheets can be purchased as AOA #48-023.

The decal sheets are all printed by Cartograf and were in excellent register.


With the amount of detailed information provided on the placement sheets this decal set can double as a reference as well. The one page instructions on modifications to the Hobbyboss kit will result in a very accurate A-6A to wear these well done decals.

I would like to thank AOA Decals for providing this decal set for review, and IPMS/USA for giving me the opportunity to review it.


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