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October 14, 2013
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Well-received by many a soccer mom (and dads looking for a “man van”), the Ford Expedition has also gained significant acceptance and popularity among some American law-enforcement agencies looking for a reliable and rugged vehicle with increased towing, passenger, and cargo capacity.

Revell’s Ford Expedition Police SSV (Special Service Vehicle) provides a fantastic opportunity for young modelers to build an imposing replica of this popular vehicle. Molded in black, clear, and chrome-plated plastic, accompanied by vinyl tires and steel axles, its 46 pieces are well-detailed with crisp raised and recessed features. A sheet of stickers provide marking options for 2 vehicles.

My youngest, Camden (nearly 8 at build-time), gave this SSV the true “kid test.” Construction was fast and without significant incident – and largely without direct supervision. Parts fit together well with little need of adult hands to apply sufficient squeezing force, with the exception of getting the axles seated in the wheels. Full assembly was complete in about 30 minutes, with another 15 minutes to align all the stickers carefully.

As a parent, I’m very appreciative of Revell making such a well-engineered kit for kids, and as a long-time modeler, I am thrilled that they pack enough detail into it to give it legitimacy to modelers who want to build something more than just an unpainted snap-together kit. Please, Revell, keep them coming!

Needless to say, Camden and I both HIGHLY RECOMMEND this great kit from Revell – and not only to kids, but to modelers of all skill levels looking for a quick but authentic build of an Expedition.

Thanks to Revell for the review sample, and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to share some quality father-son time in building and reviewing it.


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