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May 11, 2015
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Hauler has been around for a few years now. I mostly thought they produced resin items in the 1/48 scale arena. I was surprised to see this 1/35 item offered in the review area and since I had requested the Bronco Loyd Carrier and I figured I could knock this nifty looking item out as well.

The items come packed in a cellophane bag with a hard paper backing. Included are a small instruction sheet and three resin parts. The resin parts are the stove, the stove pipe and a small pile of wood. The parts are beautiful castings. The only thing I would have changed is the pipe attachment. The kit has you gluing the pipe to the stove. I think the stove should have had a depression that the stove pipe actually fit into. This would have provided a far more secure join.

I am not sure where Hauler got the idea for this stove. I tried several different searches for 1940 era stoves and all look similar to the stoves we use now. The picture Hauler uses as an example is two German soldiers having coffee around it in a demolished building. Having no other pictures, I decided to build this as a cast iron pot belly stove that I used on numerous occasions in my time in the Army.

Being made of resin, there are several steps I always take just to be on the safe side. It is best to give the parts a good soap and brush cleansing to ensure all mold release agents are removed. Then there is the required removal of the pour lug and sanding to finish. Remember that resin particles are hazardous and you should always complete these tasks using water to keep the dust down and wear a cheap doctor’s mask to keep the particulates out of your system. The pour lugs were removed using the medium blade on my JLC razor saw and sanded smooth with my trusty KISS Ultra nail shiner. This is basically a sanding stick with four grits all on the same stick. These sticks are just great for easy work such as this.

Once dry, the items were all given a diluted black finish. The Stove was then drybrushed with jet exhaust and the pipe was done in steel. I added Mig Pigments rust to the lower portion of the stove to give it a more “hot metal” look. The wood pile was slowly done with different shades of brown, tan, and gray.

I want to thank Hauler for making this neat set and providing it to be reviewed. This would look great in any WWII European urban setting. Thanks also to IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to build and review this set for you all to check out. Pick up some of the many 1/35 items Hauler is currently marketing.


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