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Thank you to the great folks at Eduard for releasing an elegant upgrade set to enhance their kit of a unique Sikorsky flying boat. Thank you also to the IPMS Reviewer Corps staff members who do the hard work in getting us kits to review, the reviews posted, and the news spread to the world.

The Sikorsky JRS-1, or S-43, is similar in appearance to the famous Pan Am Clipper, the S-42. I did not know that several of these planes survived the Pearl Harbor attack, and went in search of the Japanese fleet immediately afterward. This upgrade is very nice supplement to the base kit.

Overall Summary

The upgrade parts are all on a thin brass etched fret 2.75 x 3.25 inches in size. A color instruction and accurate placement guide accompanies the parts. Additional details for the cockpit and exterior are included. Fold lines are etched, allowing very precise forming of even the smallest handles and other small details.

The cockpit section has replacement seats and folding armrests. I modified a seat cushion from the kit resin parts to include in one seat, but the seats look very nice without the cushions. A pilot-side trim wheel completes the cockpit add-ons.

The exterior details are in two general areas: the wheel wells, and the numerous handles, latches, access plates, steps, grab loops and engine wiring harnesses across the wings and fuselage. The wheel wells look somewhat bare on the base kit, and Eduard has effectively remedied this bare appearance with finely detailed walls. Attachment points for gear struts are also included. These points help with a kit deficiency of poorly defined strut locations, creating a more solid stance of the completed model. All of the other photoetch details either replace small lump-like kit suggestions with crisper and more sharply-defined replicas, or are complete additional access plates, tie-downs, or other add-ons. All together the effect is impressive.


The additional detail provided by this set is excellent. The finely-etched fold lines made working with very small parts much more enjoyable. The bareness of the kit’s wheel wells is addressed, and the extra eye-catching loops, panels, handles and latches all add to the overall appearance. My biggest problem was clumsiness, and consequent breakage of many of the parts. So be careful!

Thank you Eduard and the IPMS Reviewer Corps! As always, it is an honor to be part of the team.


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