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Company: Hauler - Website: Visit Site
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Provided by: Hauler - Website: Visit Site
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Hauler Brengun makes some of the most innovative kits of unique things around which can be used in all sorts of dioramas. In this instance, it's a 1/35th scale shopping cart! The kit is simple- one sheet of nice photoetch, which has a dozen parts- one for he main cart plus a set and the fold out part that holds the seat plus a safety chain and four wheels. There is also a resin sprue with 5 wheels (an extra) and a resin handle along with the company’s logo. A nice set of instructions is also included.

The biggest thing with building this kit is to make sure you get the large photoetch part folded correctly. If you do, you seal the seams. I used super glue, but in hindsight, soldering would be better. You then add the seat and inner part (if you have ever seen a grocery cart, this is the same!). Glue the two outer leg supports on, make all four wheel brackets that require a couple bends and a photoetch part to make the rotating part rotate. Glue these on and wash the resin parts off. The wheel's slide right in and if you built the cart right, the handle glues right in place, glue the safety chain to it and you're complete.

I painted the handle red and the wheels black and called it done. It looks just like a teensy tiny grocery cart. I can see this being used in all sorts of modern dioramas and as trash in ruined areas with some bending and folding.

Highly recommended to all with a little photoetch experience that want that something extra. My thanks to Hauler Brengun and IPMS/USA for the chance to review it


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