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Coastal Kits specializes in display bases for models and has a wide ranger covering aircraft, armor, ships, railway and even sci-fi. From their website above, the bases are pre-printed with high quality imaging on a laminated wipeable matt vinyl surface which, unlike paper products, will not raise or bubble and are mounted on a durable 3mm foamex base. The base for this review is the Ship Display Base #4 which is 12” x 17” in size and printed with a nice ocean scene. It is an excellent size for 1/700 large ships or smaller ships in larger scales.

Looking at what is in the package, it is a beautifully printed base on one side attached (as advertised) to the foamex board. The board is fairly flat but I suggest attaching to an even firmer board and taking the time to frame the edges for better finish.

Attaching the ship will be easy. In the pictures, a 1/720 scale Nimitz class carrier is positioned on the base and fits well at an angle. I will glue the ship in place, add the wake around the ship in gel and have a finished display. The top of the sheet is sealed and water resistant so this won’t affect it.

Coastal Kits has hit the mark with their display bases. If you model looks lonely by itself, they have tons of options for showing it underway, flying, or zooming through the universe. The printing is a work of art and the ease of use is excellent. Highly recommended.

My thanks to all the fine people at Coastal Kits and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this display base.


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