Ship Accessory Set Type 93 13mm Machine Guns

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Company: Fine Molds - Website: Visit Site
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Fine Molds Ship Machine Guns

Fine Molds continues their series of finely detailed ship accessories with this weapons set of small caliber anti-aircraft guns. The 13mm gun, which was based on a Hotchkiss design and originally imported from France, was one of the two primary light automatic AA guns used on IJN warships (the other being the 25mm Type 96).

This boxing includes two each of two different sets of weapons. Fret A contains two twin 13mm guns and two pedestals for them, along with one each single mounted Vickers machine gun and one single mounted Lewis machine gun. Fret B contains one single quad 13mm unit and one mount, plus four single mount 13mm guns. In total, the box includes two quad mount 13mm, four twin 13s, eight single 13s and two each of the Vickers and Lewis guns. All of the parts are exceptionally well molded with extremely fine detail. There’s practically no flash on any of these tiny parts.

The instruction sheet gives painting information with Mr. Color paint color numbers, and the box top illustration can also be used as a color guide and super detail guide (for the criminally insane AMS types among us). The instruction sheet also includes a partial placement guide for several ship types, including a 1940 Myoko class CA, a 1932 “Special Type” (Akatsuki) DD and a 1943 Akizuki DD.

While the cost may prohibit fitting out an entire larger class vessel with these sets, these weapons will go a long way towards enhancing the level of detail on any IJN warship. Can a set of 25mm Type 96 weapons be far behind? I hope not.

Thanks to Fine Molds and Dragon USA for supplying the review sample.


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