The Second World War Illustrated - The Fourth Year

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Jack Holroyd
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268 pages
754 black & white photos; 19 black & white maps
46 color photos in 16 pages.
Company: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
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The book covers from the Battle of Guadalcanal through The battle of The Atlantic. The book is divided into 12 chapters, foreword by the author, bibliography, and Index. The Index consists of 11 pages. The sources of the photos consist of photos from Germany, England, Japan, United States, and Russia, as well as from personal archives. The book is an excellent compilation of war photos describing the events that took place during the fourth year of WWII. Again, like in previous volumes the photos are sharp and of very good quality. A very good detail of equipment, personnel both military and civilian is well represented.

The battles included in the book are Guadalcanal, Stalingrad, partisan activity in Yugoslavia, Operation Torch, El Alemein, the Dam Buster raid, the bombing offensive by the USAAF, the fall of Sicily, The Chindits operations, Salomon Island/Bismarck Sea battles, the Battle of Kurz and finally, the Battle of the Atlantic. This book like its predecessors is full of a wealth of information in regard to the battles represented in the book. We, not only have period photos of the battle but, in addition we are given maps of the battle and their main characters involved in the battle. The authors show us both pictures of all sides of the conflict that are involved in the specific battle. We are introduced not only to the commanders that fought the battle but the men that were there, as well as some other important personnel involved in the battle.

As in previous books the author introduces us to the different and difficult environment the men fought in. From the frozen Stalingrad to the burning sand of The Alemein, as well as the jungles of Asia. The book is full of information and details of the battles addressed in the book.

There is so much information in the book that the reader may feel overwhelmed by it. The book is an excellent source of historical information for historians, as well as for those really interested in the events that took place during WWII. I enjoyed the book and my only complaint is that the captions for the photos are very small and sometimes difficult to match with a particular photo. I learned more about the events that took place during the fourth year of the war and feel this book is an excellent source of information.

My thanks to Casemate Publishers for providing the book and allowing me the opportunity of reviewing it.


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