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November 12, 2020
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This is the Overtrees edition of the excellent new SE.5a kit from Edward, who continue to set the standard for the finest in model kits. An Overtrees edition is the ‘bare-bones’ of the SE.5a kit, including just the plastic sprues, nothing else. No instructions, no decals, no photoetch, masks, etc. The box doesn’t even include any artwork!

This kit includes two gray plastic sprues and a clear plastic sprue. Instructions are not included with the Overtrees edition but can be downloaded from the Eduard website at this link.

An Overtrees edition can build a stand-alone kit or share parts with one of the other versions of the SE.5a. At only $14.95 the Overtrees provide great value. With the Overtrees kit, the modeler can build either the Wolseley Viper or Hispano-Suizo engine version of the SE.5a. The plastic parts are newly tooled by Eduard and are molded in gray plastic. The detail on the parts is excellent and there is no flash. I did not notice any visible ejection pins or sink marks.

Eduard & Brassin have also issued many upgrades to the SE.5a that can be added to the Overtrees kit:

Eduard has the following kit editions for the 1/48 SE.5a:

  • Overtrees - Includes just the plastic parts, no instructions, decals, photoetch, etc. Can be used in conjunction with another more complete kit to build another variant. $14.95
  • ProfiPack kit includes a complete plastic model, decals, photoetch, and masks for multiple variants of the aircraft. A ProfiPack kit is aimed at moderately experienced modelers. $39.95
  • Royal Class - Includes multiple kits, additional resin details, more marking options, and modeling memorabilia. $99.95
  • Limited Edition - Plastic parts from Eduard or other manufacturers, PE, decals, masks, and may include resin accessories, figures, or reference publications. Many are issued with two complete kits. Not issued for the SE.5a.
  • Weekend Edition - Simpler and less expensive than a ProfiPack. Still a complete kit but only one or two variants. Not issued for the SE.5a.

Follow this link for background information and a complete build review of the SE.5a.

I built the Overtrees edition using some leftover decals from the SE.5a ProfiPack edition of the SE.5a to model another version: Marking Scheme B - F8146, 27th Aero Squadron, United States, 1922 with a Hispano-Suizo engine.

The first kit from the ProfiPack was Marking Scheme E - C1149, Capt. D. W. Grinnell-Milne, No. 56 Squadron, Bethencourt, France, January 1919

These are two of the five marking options with the ProfiPack edition, and the Overtrees is an economical way to build multiple versions of the aircraft.


This is an excellent kit from Eduard, and the Overtrees edition allows an economical way to build multiple versions of the aircraft, or build a standalone kit with some of the add-ons available. The optional parts and different marketing options allow the modeler to build several different variants of the aircraft. The fit of the parts is just about perfect, the accuracy and the fine level of detail is state of the art.

Many thanks to Eduard for providing review samples and producing these wonderful kits that make modeling so much fun!

Many continued thanks to the IPMS review program for allowing me to review this kit and sharing it with the IPMS members.


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