Scratchbuilding a 1/64 Scale Five Bay Vehicle Shed - The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide # 17

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October 15, 2023
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Richard Marmo
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39 pages 40 black and white photos and 1 drawing/sketch.
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Company: Richard Marmo - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Richard Marmo - Website: Visit Site

This is a PDF book that describes how to build a scratchbuilt a 1/64 scale Five Bay Vehicle shed. The book is divided into 18 sections and starts with an Introduction, followed by a detailed way of building the shed. The author shows the builder how to get started, basic tools and then follows a detailed description of how to build the structure. He starts at the foundation of the building followed with cutting the pipes, adding substance to the floor of the building and step by step how to cut and install te beams and walls. In addition he talks about the vehicles he added to the building and ends with the construction of the structure and how to install the rafters and roof, as well as the finishing touches. The last four sections are divided by a small history and benefits of joining IPMS/USA, as well as a short bio of the author. The author ends the book with a roster of the guides he has created, as well as a small request for the "wants and needs" that the reader may want.

The book description of the construction of the model is very detailed. The author gives a step by step of the construction. The photos are all black and white but of very good quality and I found the ones I copy to be sharp and clear. In addition, he suggests tools, paints and other ancillary equipment that you need for the construction. He not only describes the construction of the shed, but in addition describes the vehicles used in the project. The book is written in plain English with very concise, but complete descriptions of the work to be performed at each step.

Although I did not build the shed, I found the book full of information that will help any builder to make a structure with little or no problems if you follow the author's basic and complete directions. The only thing I found that makes me a little leery of the book is the lack of plans in the book. He has only one plan in which he works a comparison to figure what kind of up-rights and beams would be best. Since my background is in engineering, I would have enjoyed seeing plans for the structure. This would facilitate how the construction should be done. Plans plus drawings, as far as I am concerned, would have been a winning combination. Stating the above thoughts I have to admit that I enjoyed the book and will probably use it in the future as a reference for the construction of buildings, as well as other structures.

I would like to thank Richard Marmo for the opportunity to review this PDF book.


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