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Once again, Round 2 Models’ Polar Lights brand brings modelers (young and old alike) another great classic TV subject – the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine, complete with everyone’s favorite mystery-solving K-9 and his best friend.

Re-released and touting “All New! Simplified Assembly,” the Mystery Machine comes molded in black, turquoise, and clear plastic, and is accompanied by steel axles, a full-color sticker sheet, and pre-painted Scooby and Shaggy figures.

Assembled in under 30 minutes by 7-1/2 year-old Camden, the kit’s design is simple and fit is pretty good, although he did need an assist from large hands to snap in the clear windshield piece and a couple of drops of super glue to hold the wheels onto the axles.

Our biggest challenge – and I say “our” because dear old Dad had to order replacements – were the stickers. Unsupervised, the stickers went on quickly, noticeably askew, and nearly permanently. Unlike waterslide decals, and much to the old man’s chagrin, the stickers would not cleanly peel off without tearing. A quick and intuitive examination of Round 2’s website and a check for $5.95 had a replacement set of stickers on the workbench in just a few days, thanks to Round 2’s great customer service. Under close supervision for our own “round 2” of stickers, Camden was able to get the replacements on and aligned in short order, with a much-improved result.

Overall, the kit is a really great build for kids just getting started in the hobby. It’s colorful, nicely designed, and goes together with very little fuss. Camden and I highly recommend this model for Scooby fans of all ages.

Thanks go to Round 2 for the sample kit and great customer service, and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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