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Another excellent issue from the folks at Happy Medium Press with high quality production materials and a variety of articles to suit to suit many themes and interests of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy modeler. Between the heavyweight glossy covers are 98 color glossy pages containing 13 articles. There are fewer than 6 advertisements so the content is very high.

The articles are well researched and relevant to the topics they cover.

What I like about the articles is the balance of Sci-fi and fantasy along with a lot of subject matter variety within each genre. Also, there are OOB builds, kit-bashing, scratch building (both partial and complete), painting, in-depth background articles and enlightening interviews.

Table of Contents

  • Fantastic Plastic Convair XAB 1– Hawk’s inspirational “what-if bomber is recreated by Fantastic Plastic.
  • Polar Light’s The Witch– Andy Pearson finds his ideal skill level with a Polar Lights production.
  • Upgunning the Fledermaus PK 40– Building (and upgunning) a PK 40 Fledermaus
  • Wonder Wheels: Death Race– Piecing together Frankenstein’s Monster [1/25 Revell 07 Shelby GT500 Mustang]
  • Wonder Wheels: K.A.R.R.– Andy Pearson builds the Knight Rider baddie.
  • Wonder Wheels: TB-inspired Cop Car– Ward Shrake turns his attention to law enforcement, Thunderbirds style
  • Scratch built Star Trek Nomad– Kevin Davies expertly crafts a replica Nomad probe.
  • 2001: German Satellite– In the interests of world peace Jean-Marc Deschamps handles AJA Models’ 2001 German atomic Weapons Platform with extreme respect.
  • 2001: Stargazer’s 1/144th Discovery- Jean-Marc “monolith” Deschamps (his mind is full of stars) battles deadlines to launch Stargazer Models’ 1/144 scale USS Discovery.
  • Moebius Galactica– Mike Reccia on adding gravitas (aka Substance) to the new Moebius kit
  • Bill George: exclusive interview– Modelling Memories and Movie Magic. [Bill is a master model maker for some major motion pictures]
  • Cassini Model’s Thunderbirds Helijet- Mike Reccia builds the Holy Grail of Thunderbirds guest craft kits from Cassini Models.
  • Moonvisions’ UFO Lunar Module- Mike Reccia invites Ric Weichelt to introduce Moonvisions’ UFO Lunar Module kit.


I highly recommend this publication for the mix of high quality articles that demonstrate different aspects of modeling. Thanks to IPMS USA and Happy Medium Press for the privilege of doing this review.


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