Scale Aircraft Modelling, December 2017 Volume 39, Issue 10

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You may remember I was a bit confused by the extra 8 pages in the middle of the last issue I reviewed. This month my habit of reading everything in a magazine paid off. In the Editorial Gary indicated that the extra 8 pages are for subscribers as a extra thank you for fronting up for a year’s sub. This month the extra pages cover the Sub-Cutaneous which is not the name of the 8 pages but an article on Colour. A build of a couple of 1/144th scale Vampires. A page of aircraft model pics from the US Nationals in Omaha (I would have liked these to be part of the regular magazine, but I might be a bit biased). The last 3 extra pages cover a nice build of the Hasagawa 32nd scale A6M5c Zero.

So what is in the rest of the magazine? Quite a bit as usual.

It begins with a build of the Kinetic 32nd scale F/A-18. A nice conversion of the Tamiya 32nd scale F-4J into a British FGR.2 Spey engined Phantom was really interesting even for someone who normally builds 72nd aircraft and now has the new Airfix kit to go with the older Fujimi version.

A model you seldom see built is next in line. This is the SMER 72nd release of the Bloch MB.200 in Vichy markings. This one includes some history of the type and some kit evolution before getting to the build.

The Walkaround this month is the F-82B Twin Mustang with some good coverage in the 3 pages allotted.

The British seem to put on some very nice airshows (when the weather cooperates) and the coverage in this issue is on the RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 2017. There is a lot of written content regarding the show and a lot of pictures showing the diversity of aircraft you get at a European show.

The Preview features the new Kinetic 48th scale two seat Harrier and there is a lot of coverage of the full-size planes in the Scaled Up section.

Aircraft in Profile features info on the Petlyakov Pe-2 which coincides with Eduard’s 48th scale release. Some history, pictures and those lovely profiles of the type including Russian, German, Finnish, Czech, Polish and a really neat Bulgarian Air Force one from 1946. Now who makes this in 72nd scale? Ah, the Pawn Broking gives me some options and the available aftermarket. And don’t forget the scale drawings which show that 72nd would fit nicely on my shelves.

Colour Conundrum has Part 3 regarding RLM 81 and 82. This section and the Profile section have become my favorite parts in this magazine. The color discussion has profiles of several Ju 88s, a He 162 and the nose of a Fw 190D-9.

IBG’s new PAL.23A is the next build article followed by Review builds of Roden’s new C-5, ICM’s Fw189A-2 and Italeri’s Longbow Apache. These are in 1/44th, 1/72nd and 1/48th respectively.

The usual other stuff is in here including previews of kits, books and aftermarket, the IPMS/UK column and the Stash in the Attic which features a build of a P-51 Mustang named Shovel Nose and Handlebar after Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna.

There are still some editing issues and the small pictures but overall a decent magazine.

Thanks to Guideline Publications and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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