Santa Fe Skyway DC-3 Decals Part 2

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VFD 144-056
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any 1/144 DC-3
Company: Vintage Flyer Decals - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hobby Depot - Website: Visit Site

To follow up with the initial review of the decals, here is the completed model with the Vintage Flyer decals applied. As was stated in the initial review, most decals consist of either two or three layers. I did not need to coat the decals with Future or any other sealer as this was already done by Vintage Flyer. Be sure to cut the decals out close to the design to minimize carrier film.

The first decals down were the white backgrounds. These went on the model well but did not seem to snuggle into the panel lines, even after applying decal solvents. Be sure to follow the instructions on which decals go next. In some cases, like the windows, the black decals go next, but that’s not the case with the registration decals.

Layering the decals was not a difficult task, just time consuming. Most of the decals lined up well on top of one another. However, it may be beneficial to cut the window decals out at the fourth or fifth window from the front, as the decals do not line up with the engraved window decals on the Minicraft kit. Once all the decaling is finished, be prepared to spray multiple clear coats over the model, since the multiple layers of decals create quite the edge between the decal and the model. Thankfully, in future releases, this should not be a problem as Vintage Flyer will be printing their decals in digital silkscreen! So, in the near future, the layering of decals will not be an issue.

The finished model is a nice contrast to a primarily military aircraft display case. Having a special place in my heart for Santa Fe trains since I was a kid, I was glad to combine my interest in Santa Fe with my love of modeling aircraft. If you’re looking for something unique for your next DC-3, then I can highly recommend these decals.

Again, special thanks go out to The Hobby Depot in Tempe, Arizona, for supplying the decals for review. Also, big thanks go to IPMS USA for allowing me to review these decals.


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