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Pilot Replicas 48001 J 21 A-3
Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
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Want an easy upgrade to any 1/48 Saab J 21? Step right up to the new Quickboost Saab J 21 air intake set that provides a beautiful replacement to what is supplied in the kit. As a bonus, you get two air intakes! That’s right! You will find that this honey of a kit is so good you will want to build a second.

The parts are packaged in the standard Quickboost re-closable packaging with a paper stiffener along with the description card. These parts are specific to fit the Pilot Replicas accurate and highly detailed 1/48 Saab J 21 A-3 injected plastic kit. A promised future release of the Saab A 21 will also use the same air intake. I believe this currently is the one and only kit release of a Saab J 21 in 1/48 scale, but I can’t promise you there is not a vacuform kit out there somewhere.

Quickboost has molded the air intakes perfectly in light tan resin with no apparent bubbles. Quickboost has provided two air intakes pitot, enough for two kits. Quickboost has been careful to make the resin sprue attachment underneath the rear of the air intake so there will be no obvious sanding points. I will point out that the Quickboost air intake is just a hair shorter than the kit part. The Quickboost will fit the fuselage but it is fairly tight, but I was able to press the air intake to the fuselage and get it to seat correctly. To risk not breaking anything, you may wish to enlarge the forward mounting fuselage hole just a bit or to just slice off the forward mounting air intake pin to the fuselage. Either way, the opened air intake is plainly superior to the kit supplied part.

Although most paints will adhere to resin alone, I would recommend that you wash the parts to remove any remaining mold release and prime them first. They will need to be installed with your favorite CA (super glue) or epoxy, as the normal plastic glues or solvents will not react with the resin.

This product is a good way to enhance your Saab J 21 A-3 and well worth the time and cost. This product is highly recommended due to the superior appearance of the Quickboost parts over the injected kit parts due to the intake already being opened up for the modeler.

Thanks to Aires Hobby Models and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this set.


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