SA-9 Gaskin

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February 22, 2023
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BRS 144062
Company: Brengun - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hauler Brengun
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Hot on the heels of Brengun's 1/144th scale BDRM-2 scout car (item # 144061 ) comes the anti-aircraft version of the base vehicle. With addition of some optional parts the vehicle is equipped with the launcher for the Strela-1 missiles and additional ready rounds that mount the outside of the vehicle. Following on the previous release (the basic BRDM-2) Brengun also includes some photoetch for rear details (propulsion cover and rear stowage lockers), rear taillights, headlamp protectors for the front and a chassis mounted rear view mirror.

Putting this all together begins by removing the resin pouring stubs from the appropriate components. The tires are cast as single parts and benefit from drilling out the mounting dimples to achieve a better fit on the axle stubs integral to the main chassis. All the resin bits cleaned up without any bother. There is nice detail on all resin parts particularly on the rear deck, launcher, and the tread pattern on the tires.

After assembly the entire model was primed and painted with Tamiya NATO Green. The instructions would have you paint the vehicle in Khaki. I dry brushed the entire thing with Cockpit Green to bring out all the details. This was followed by a wash of black panel liner and the deed was done.

Brengun does provide decals should you choose to mark your Gaskin in either Russian, Czech, or Polish markings. Number sets 0 thru 9 are included and it should be noted that all the decals are printed on a single piece of decal film so be sure to cut them apart before dunking them in H2O.

This 1/144th scale SA-9 Gaskin makes up into a neat vehicle for your next tabletop war game or as a stand-alone model. Combined with some of the other 1/144th scale offerings from Brengun a more than satisfactory diorama could also be in the offing.

My thanks to Brengun/Hauler and IPMS/USA for the review copy.

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