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GSW Rust Pigments

Green Stuff World’s Liquid Pigments are described as weathering filters with a powdered finish, no fixer required. The liquid pigments come in .57 fluid ounce bottles with a dripper cap. This rust set of colors included

  • 2286 orange rust
  • 2287 light rust
  • 2288 medium rust
  • 2289 dark rust
  • 2290 verdigris
  • 2291 turquoise oxide

My usual method for working with dry pigments is to apply the pigment by dropping onto the surface or applying with a dry brush. The excess pigment is then blown off, and the remainder worked in with a dry brush. The dry pigment is then left as is, or a liquid pigment fixture is applied in more exposed areas. I will also mix dry pigments with water into a thin, certain slurry that is applied by brush. When dry, the pigments can still be worked in with a dry brush, or a wet brush in more extreme cases.

Green Stuff World’s Liquid Pigments include a fixer so they can be applied all in one step. The liquid pigments are water-based and dry very quickly, which presented challenges in their application. I tried applying the liquid pigments to a dry primed surface and had difficulty avoiding tide lines before the pigments dried. I also had trouble with the liquid pigments ponding due to surface tension so maybe a surfactant like soap or wetting agent would be helpful for blending. To break the tension, I mixed one drop of liquid dish soap to 20 drops water and mixed in the liquid pigment. This helped considerably with the tide lines and water droplets to create a blended color.

Once dry, water will not affect the pigments and cannot be used for further blending.

It was a challenge using these liquid pigments to avoid water drops and tide lines. Breaking up the surface tension with liquid soap or another wetting agent was the most successful for me.

Thanks to Green Stuff World for providing samples for IPMS


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