Russian T-14 Armata MBT

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December 23, 2022
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T-14 Armata (Armament) was supposed to be the new top dog of all tanks. Designed in 2014, the new Object 148 rolled out on the parade field in May 2015. During rehearsals one of the tanks stopped moving (quite the embarrassment in front of the cameras) and it took a whole 15 minutes before it, once again, started moving. Here it is, 2022, no more than 20 tanks have been produced and may have had it's production stopped because of sanctions due to the current war.

Trumpeter Models has put out their version of the T-14 Armata this year (2022) and it looks like a little jewel. It only has five steps to complete this model, and, due to the pre-built tracks, pretty easy to put together.

I started out by painting the whole model on the sprues, but this caused a problem, none of the holes for the track, antennas, or track shields would fit. Live and learn. Other than that, everything else worked out just fine.

Plenty of detail is present on all the parts, but none of the crew hatches are open. The tow cables are not separate. The tracks do not have the open teeth that is associated with the real tracks. Decals are easy to put on, but the color, according to pictures of the real thing, do not match.

I painted the model in Dark Green by Testors and left the model with little wear because this is a parade tank.

All in all, a pleasure to build


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