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Company: MiniArt - Website: Visit Site
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The Product:

The bombed out 2 story building on an abandoned cobblestone street haunted by tramcar poles and rail track is just what the doctor ordered. However other options included are two styles of street lamps, two door styles, picket fencing with gates, ladders, benches, tables, windows with latches, and many other miscellaneous items

Featuring 176 parts with 3 large vacuformed styrene panels that carry the building structures and the base, that measures 14” X 9.5” in size. All the parts are very nice and have excellent detail.

MiniArt offers free building and painting tutorials on their website.

The Build:

After reviewing the free MiniArt tutorials from the MiniArt website I went to work. First step was to remove the large building sections from the vacuformed plates I did this with a heavy sewing needle in a pin-vice scoring around the part until it came out. After carefully removing all the vacuformed parts the next few hours were spent cleaning them up and sanding down the mating surfaces. Test fit everything to insure a proper fit. You will also need to add substance to the base I did this by adding a piece of ¼” cabinet grade plywood and other fillers to the under side of the base making it more sturdy. Then mounted all the parts to the base and added all the other related parts I chose to use. Happy with my progress I shot the entire thing with a coat of primer and proceeded onto the painting process using the helpful tips from the tutorial. The glass panels did not come in the box I added them from the recycle bin.

The Bottom line:

Fun Fun Fun, My first diorama I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am also pretty happy with the overall results. The experienced diorama builder will have blast adding all kinds of aftermarket goodies.

My Gratuities:

Thank you MRC, MiniArt and thank you IPMS.


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