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Veteran Models in Taiwan has been producing finely detailed multi-media aftermarket replacement parts for ship modelers for quite some time. Nicely crafted, their parts are a significant upgrade to model warships. They started in 1/350 Modern USN systems and have since branched into other Navies. Now they are offering modern Soviet/Russian systems.

If you have noticed Soviet and later Russian ships are busy, some would say crowded, with sensors and weapon systems. While functional, none of these are elegant in design, and the number of each provides redundancy to ensure survivability and reliability. Each one is hodge-podge of small detail not easily duplicated in the ejection molding process, no matter how sophisticated the molds. So Veteran Models move into this area is welcome by at least this modeler.

This offering comes in the standard oversize matchstick box which I love. Included are sufficient resin and brass details to make 4 AK-630 close in weapons system (CIWS) and two Bass Tilt (NATO Name) fire control radars. This is sufficient for the Trumpeter 1/200 Sovremenny. The brass is for the grab rails on the AK-630.

So I have some of their earlier Soviet/Russian offerings and asked myself, how much more detail can be added to an AK-630 CIWS or the associated Bass Tilt fire control radar. I have had the privilege to see the gun up close with the ammunition feed door open. Well in comparison to the Trumpeter parts, it is a noticeable improvement. While the Trumpeter parts are serviceable, detail is lost removing them from the sprue, plus they molded the ammunition access door separately, resulting in a gap. The Veteran Models Bass Tilt radar corrects the misshaped, overly long radome and therefore is a must. With the Veteran models details, assembly is easy and the detail is a noticeable improvement. It is an easy accent to add without needing to be too skilled with aftermarket. The only trick was the hand rails on the AK-630; even in 1/200, these are small.

So another great set from Veteran Models, which will go a long way to improving the detail on that large destroyer. All I can say is keep them coming and some boats please…!


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