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Green Stuff World is a Spanish company that supplies paints, weathering products, and scenery effects. They are among the newest hobby companies to provide IPMS/USA review samples. As I recently visited their webpage and looked at a few items, including their rotational paint shaker that I placed in my shopping cart, when the opportunity came along to review it, I jumped on it and the wonderful Bill O’Malley had it in the mail quickly.

According to Green Stuff World’s website,

“A rotational paint shaker is an indispensable tool on any workbench because it is highly effective at mixing a variety of different types of paints quickly and consistently, including latex, oil-based, lacquer, and enamel.

Despite its small size, this handheld paint shaker will mix any paint thoroughly by rotating the bottle or container around an axis at a high speed. The rapid motion creates a centrifugal force ensuring that all of the ingredients are well-mixed and properly blended, resulting in consistent color evenly distributed.

The device uses a set of 3 rubber adapters to hold the bottles securely in place while it rotates, which makes it compatible with the most common modeling manufacturer bottles regardless of shape or size.

Overall, using a hobby paint shaker is an effective way to ensure that your colors are well-mixed and ready for use, resulting in a smoother finish and better overall appearance.”

The following contents are in the box:

  • Hobby Paint Shaker
  • Connector
  • Three Adapters
  • 15mm: 10ml bottles
  • 22mm: 17ml bottles
  • 30mm: 12ml, 22ml, 24ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles
  • 1x USB Charging cable

Although my sample didn’t come with instructions, they were easily found on their website (there is also a YouTube video: ). I printed them here for convenience.

“How to use a Paint Shaker - a Rotational Paint Shaker is a machine that ensures that the pigments are evenly distributed without effort. Here are the steps to use a Paint Shaker:

Choose the right adapter for your bottle size: The rotational paint shaker has different adapters that allow them to accommodate various sizes. Choose the adapter that fits your bottle snugly.

Prepare the bottle to mix: Ensure the bottle is tightly closed to prevent any spillage or leakage.

Place the bottle in the adapter: Place the adapter in the machine, ensuring that it is balanced and centered. The lid should be facing upwards.

Set the speed: Turn on the machine and set the speed among 3. The duration of the shaking process varies depending on the type, amount, and state of sedimentation.

Change the line of rotation: Changing direction while the machine is running by changing the holding force of your hand in order to alter the spinning circle, even trying to make slight oscillating movements to favor the change of direction of the liquid while rotating.

Turn off the machine: Normally 1 minute should be enough. Turn off the machine and remove the bottle from the rubber adapter.

Check the consistency: Inspect the liquid to ensure that it has been thoroughly mixed. Check for any lumps, clumps, or inconsistencies.

Use it!: Once you are satisfied with the consistency and grade of mixing, it is now ready to use, so pour it into your wet palette and enjoy!

Use of the paint shaker is very easy and straight forward. Attach the connector (one time as the connector is used for all three rubber adapters) and then connect the appropriate adapter. Push the button on the bottom and choose your speed. I was very impressed as I tested the shaker with my old Tamiya enamels, Tamiya acrylic, MiG and Vallejo acrylics, oil brusher and even discount store acrylic paints; paints that had not been used in years and had obvious settling demarcation lines were soon consistently distributed. Any bottle that has a cylindrical shape should fit in the round receptacle in the adapters.

Having a mixing ball in the paint only increases the process and efficiency of mixing the paint. One word of caution – tight! Make sure the cap is tight on the bottle. I recommend using the mixer in a safe place while it is in use. While my wife likes art, she was very nervous as I showed her the rotational paint mixer doing its magic in the kitchen.

The rotational paint mixer looks to be solid, and only time will tell. The weak point in my mind is the connector between the mixer and the adapter. A quick look at the Green Stuff World website shows that they have replacement connectors for sale for $2.00. I highly recommend this paint mixer and wonder how I did without it until now.

Profuse thanks to Green Stuff World and IPMS/USA for providing the review sample.


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