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Company: OKB Grigorov - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: OKB Grigorov - Website: Visit Site

OKB Grigorov has provided super little set of 4 submarines which represent all the various produced of this class of British Submarine ordered at the end of WW1. They were the forerunner of the modern Attack submarine. They produced 12 of these small diesel electric submarines. All but 2 were scrapped by 1923. The remaining two until 1929 and 1934.

Included is:

  • Four resin parts
  • Four Photo Etch Sheets
  • Four different resin submarines
  • Instruction Sheet

The detail quality is great; The parts are very delicate parts that need careful removal from the resin bases.

The instruction sheet is very basic but enough to get them built. You just must ensure you use the correct Photo Etch sheet with the right resin submarine. Here is a quick list to help

  • PE sheet RA is for submarine R10
  • PE sheet RB is for submarine R12
  • PE sheet RC is for submarine R3 or R4
  • PE sheet RD is for submarine R1 or R2

The Assembly is quick and easy. Please be careful with the Photo etch pats are placed in the correct place.

The Photo etch stands are a very good addition to the kit.

I would like to have seen some small decals for the R numbers.

The final part is painting.

Thanks go to OKB for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them


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