R.M.S. Titanic (Olympic, Britannic) - Masts Set

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March 6, 2019
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AM 350-100
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I would like to thank Master Model for this review sample.

Master Model continues to “turn” out metal details for the ship modeler and this one is indispensable. For anyone who has tried to work with tall thin masts made of plastic in small scale, the mast either end up being too thick so they don’t bend or too flexible if they are to scale. The solution is either wood or metal for thin masts that don’t bend, but the trick is achieving the required taper with this material. If you are not a machinist, skilled at turning wood or brass, Master Model comes to the rescue.

I was surprised to find when I opened the package that the rather long masts were put into a bag too small to hold them. This was noticeable when I removed the display card. The result was that the taller main mast was bent 90 degrees and the bag itself was not sealed. I was able to gently bend the mast straight using smooth jawed pliers. I hope this was a packaging anomaly.

This is a surprisingly comprehensive set, not just offering tapered masts but far more detail. Included in this set are tapered brass for the foremast and main mast, the cargo boom for the foremast, the jackstaff, and the flagstaff. Also turned in brass are two ships bells (at the base of the foremast and at the crow’s nest), and the mast head light. The PE includes the crow’s nest, hand rails on the mast, the mounting brackets for the boom, and the mast head light. Also, because the brass tapered masts are to scale and the plastic masts are over scale, Master Model provides base plates to cover the large hole, properly sized for the brass masts.

The bent mast aside this set by Model Mast represents a tremendous value in the detail it provides to improve the accuracy of your Titanic Model. It could also be used for other period liners and steamers. My experience with Master Model products has been first rate and so I highly recommend this latest set.


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