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February 3, 2020
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Academy, the prolific Korean kit maker, continues to appeal to a broad spectrum of model makers. Kits that are easy to assemble have always been an entry point for modeling. Academy continues this trend with this very easy to assemble kit of the Titanic. There’s no need to retell that story here. The Titanic has been the subject of many kits, so here’s another one to add to your Titanic collection.

The Kit

The seven sprues have specific ‘Titanic’ colors, so they don’t require paint. The pieces are well molded, with a just a small amount of flash, something that a new modeler would more than likely not be too concerned about. The hull pieces are packaged separately with seven additional sprues of parts, including a small sprue of gold plated parts (the anchors and three props). Rather than water slide decals, the kit includes a small sheet of stickers.


The instructions are in full color and are very straight forward and easy to follow. The engineering of the kit is aimed toward young people, and actually makes a great deal of sense. Sky lights and stanchions are assembled from the bottom of the deck, no small fiddly parts here. The various components of the ship come together in a few easy steps. Once the bow and stern are assembled, they attach to the hull and are then connected with the remainder of the ship. Even though it is not necessary, I used some Tamiya Thin Cement and tube glue at the key connection points, in particular where the decks joined with the main hull. Knowing that the ship could be used as a toy by young modelers, it is fairly robust when it is assembled. If it goes on a shelf, the kit has a nicely made stand and nameplate. The parts separate from the sprue very easily, more than likely to accommodate the small hands that this model is geared toward.


I am always one to follow directions, so, just like the instructions state, no paint is necessary. While the colors, in particular the funnels (orange) see a bit too bright for my taste, given the audience that this kit is meant for, the colors seem appropriate. It is nice to see a historic ship being the subject of a snap kit. Kudos to Academy for making this work. My thanks to IPMS, MRC, and Academy Models for giving me the opportunity to review this kit.


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