Ride Of The Valkyries: The UH-1D in Vietnam

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September 26, 2017
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Any 1:48th scale UH-1D/H kit
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Werner’s Wings is proud to announce the release of their latest decal sheet Werner's Wings Decal 48-14 Ride of the Valkyries - UH-1D/H in Vietnam. Designed specifically for the Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale kit, these decals will fit any 1/48th scale UH-1D/H kit.

There are 14 new marking options, as well as, stencils in black and yellow for one aircraft. Unique Danger warnings are provided in multiple colors and in English, Vietnamese and Korean.

Werner's Wing Decal 48-14 includes stencils for one aircraft on the same sheet. If you want to do more than one aircraft, additional stencils are available from Werner's Wings with their decal sheet 48-15 UH-1D/H Stencils.

The decals include markings for three Medal of Honor recipients, Major Bruce Crandall and Captain Ed “Too Tall” Freeman from We Were Soldiers fame and CWO Mike Novosel.

Other notable aircraft are two Australian aircraft including 9th Squadron Bushranger markings, an all white Medevac Huey, 1st Air Cav aircraft, and a full color early D model. These are just a few of the fourteen marking options available with this decal sheet. My favorite is Option #9, A UH-1H from the 188th AHC. This aircraft sports a demonic looking spider with an Ace of Spades symbol on it's abdomen.

The instruction notes, included with this release, contain a brief history of the Huey as well as any concerns about specific markings. These notes include concerns about the color of the marking and even the color of a specific piece of equipment on a particular aircraft. Handy information to have if your trying to be authentic. For those acquainted with Floyd Werner Jr., he is a stickler for authenticity and that is reflected in this release.

Any misgiving or concern found in the research of a specific aircraft is noted. Case in point is the remarks on Option #5: The nose art (Devil's Head) on this Huey had a white circle around it. When the brass decided it made too inviting a target, the circle was mostly painted out, leaving a white outline of the devil's head. Both markings are included with this sheet. Another feature of this decal release, found on Werner's Wings website, are actual photographs of each of the specific aircraft noted on this decal sheet.

All the artwork was drawn by Mason Doupnik and the decals were printed by Microscale. Being meticulously researched and beautifully rendered on thin decal film the decals on this sheet are opaque, in register and perfectly printed.

One problem, well maybe two problems, you will have with this release is deciding which scheme to do and whether or not your budget will sustain buying more of models of the Huey so that you can to do them all.

My thanks to Werner's Wings for the review copy.


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