Replacement Propellers for Revell PV-1

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June 28, 2012
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Thank you to Gary Newman of Squadron Products, for providing a very timely improvement to an excellent recent kit release. Thank you to the IPMS/USA Reviewer Corps for once again allowing me to evaluate a cool new product!

This replacement propeller set addresses the incorrectly shaped kit parts that come with the new Revell PV-1 Ventura. The Revell kit is otherwise excellent, but appears to have incorrect propellers. The replacement parts are molded in gray resin requiring a little cleanup and prep on the blade tips and blade roots. The materials arrived well packaged in a small plastic bag containing three loose prop blades, 2 loose prop hubs and a casting plug with three blades attached. Two of the blades on the pour plug were warped, one badly. I was unable to completely straighten them out with hot water treatment, but was able to reduce the warping. The detail on the replacement parts is more finely done than the kit parts and the blades have the correct paddle shape I observed in USN photos of the PV-1. The blades appear to be very close to scale thickness and were easily cleaned up without any problems, as were the hubs.

Assembly of the propellers is straightforward. There appears to be some sort of a keyed end on the blades to match to the hub sockets. If this is the design intent, it likely will help with getting the blade pitch correct. I may have “over-prepped” with filing and cleanup and ruined the key idea. However, I was able to get a good assembly of the propellers. The final assemblies of the painted props on the Revell kit look great, and are an excellent correction to kit.

Thank you again to Squadron Products and to the IPMS/USA Reviewer Corps for once again allowing me to evaluate a cool new product. I hope this helps!


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