Replacement Propellers for Revell PV-1

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June 28, 2012
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LSM 40445
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Company: Lone Star Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Lone Star Models - Website: Visit Site
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Thank you Lone Star Models for providing a very timely improvement to an excellent recent kit release. Thank you IPMS/USA Reviewer Corps for once again allowing me to evaluate a cool new product!

This replacement propeller set addresses the incorrectly shaped kit parts that come with the new Revell PV-1 Ventura. The Revell kit is otherwise excellent, but appears to have incorrect propellers. The replacement parts are molded in tan resin requiring little cleanup and prep, and arrived in a small plastic bag with a sheet of instructions.

The detail on the replacement parts is more finely done than the kit parts and the blades have the correct paddle shape I observed in USN photos of the PV-1. The blades are very thin and sharp on the trailing edges. This sharpness is an accurate feature, but requires careful prep. The resulting parts look great, but my clumsy sanding broke one of the blades. CA easily fixed the part and my patience.

A really nice feature of the set is the assembly jig provided. This jig is a very nice extra, which I believe reflects Lone Star Models’ commitment to a quality product. Having the prop hub and blade held together by the jig allowed some of the fine position tweaking needed to make the prop look right. Equally important is that all of the blade pitches matched. On top of all of this is the great price!

Thank you again Lone Star Models and the IPMS/USA Reviewer Corps for once again allowing me to evaluate a cool new product. I hope this helps!


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