Replacement British Naval Gunbarrels, 16", 6", and 4.7"

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most 1/700 British ships
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Parts Packaging
  • 16" - SM-700-033, $7.00 (9 barrels)
  • 6" - SM-700-034, $5.00 (12 barrels)
  • 4.7" - SM-700-035, $4.50 (16 barrels)

Master Models is a company in Poland that must employ elves, incredibly small tool and die makers, and/or people with exceptional eyesight. They make replacement gun barrels for aircraft and ship models out of brass, and some of these are incredibly small and all are exquisitely detailed. The subjects of this review were selected because they would enable a modeler to replace all the main weapon gun barrels on either a 1/700 HMS Nelson or Rodney. The 16" were only used on these ships, but the 6" and 4.7" could also be used on other Royal Navy ships with these weapons. For example, since 16 4.7" barrels come in a packet, you could replace all the main guns on up to 4 destroyers, depending on the class of the ships. Let me be clear, each caliber barrel packet is a separate item and is priced as such. This is NOT a set of all three types of barrels. It was just easier to review all three at once.

Some may think, "What kind of detail could they add in 1/700 scale to something so small?" The answer is, these barrels look like the real things shrunk down to Lilliputian size. For example, all the barrels are tapered. The 16" guns taper from .062" to .039", while the 6" go from .027" to .015" and the 4.7" from .016" to .011". In addition, all have a small hole in the barrel end simulating the bore, and to make them easier to mount, Master Model has turned a slightly narrower mounting plug into the base.

As can be seen from the photos, these are some pretty small things to deal with. Sharp tweezers and a steady hand are required and woe be it if a person ever drops one of the smaller barrels on the floor, as the only way to find it might be to walk around barefoot and let it stab you in the toe! (Just kidding. Don't do that.)

I did not get a chance actually to use them yet, but I did photograph them next to those from a Tamiya Nelson/Rodney kit to illustrate how much better they look. Since they are brass, superglue or epoxy is needed to attach them, and since they are metal, a coat of primer before the color coat would aid in paint adherence and color coverage. Used in conjunction with a good PE set, these barrels would really dress up a Nelson or Rodney.

Thanks to Master Model for these review samples, and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review them.


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