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With Trumpeter’s release of their M-1078 Light Medium Tactical vehicle (LMTV), it was only a matter of time before the after-market companies stepped up. There are at least one full PE set, two different resin interiors/exterior sets and four different tire sets. This is understandable as many modelers (for one reason or another) do not appreciate or like the rubber/vinyl tire option. The Trumpeter tires look fine to me. However, if you have to have resin, this is a way to go! The only difference between these two sets is the number of tires included. One set (35030) contains five tires, two front, two rear and a spare and the other set (35037) contains two front, four rear and a spare. Set 35037 is being sold for the Trumpeter M-1083 that was announced but has not yet been released. For the difference in cost, I would suggest getting the seven wheel set. That way, regardless of which one you build, you will have all the tires you need or some extras.

  • Realistic Sagged Tyres For M1078 (LMTV) PAU-35030 $22.91
  • Realistic Sagged Tyres For FMTV PAU-35037 24.81

I decided to paint just one front tire. Like all resin products, you need to wash the parts in warm soapy water to remove any casting residue. The casting block was removed with my saw and then a light sanding. The wheel was painted tan and the tire painted black. I then sprayed a coat of future. I used a black wash to show shading and then a sand wash was added to the tire to show imbedded dirt. The tire was cleaned up and given a coat of clear flat. The sagging effect is more visible and really stands out.

This is a great addition to your LMTV or FMTV (if and when Trumpeter releases it). Both of these additions are simple and easy to complete. If you are not into the vinyl tires on the original kit, then these are a MUST HAVE! I would like to thank Dirk Vangeel of Pro Art Models for providing me with this excellent sample, Pro Art Models for making these resin replacements for the original rubber/vinyl tires, and IPMS for posting this review for others to see and read. Have fun: Build a LMTV/FMTV series vehicle!


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