RB-51 'Red Baron' Reno Racer - Part 1

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October 21, 2010
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It is my distinct pleasure to present to you Paul Fisher’s latest full resin kit effort, the RB-51 “Red Baron”. I guess what surprises me most, having had the opportunity to build and review each of his magnificent 1/32nd scale aircraft kits, is his innate ability to continue to raise the bar on himself each time. This one is no exception, Paul having produced quality models for 32 years now.

His kits come to you in a very sturdy cardboard box, very carefully hand packed and wrapped in several layers of tissue by Paul’s lovely wife Suzy. I mean c’mon! What more could you ask for? No kidding, you really don’t see very many like this in today’s market. After the tissue is removed and the exquisitely cast resin pieces are exposed, it is top quality as far as the eye can see.

The kit features a one piece hollow cast fuselage, one piece solid cast wing with the “Horner” tips beautifully replicated and so sharp they will need to be protected during the building process. Separate flaps and elevators give the control surfaces an articulated appearance, and the other parts are contained in separate plastic Ziploc baggies. The clear parts are clear cast resin (also flawless) and although I’m sure it goes without saying, no warps, no pinholes and outstanding surface details throughout. This kit was mastered around Nick Turner’s (Hempstead, England) award winning “Red Baron” model. Paul acknowledges Nick’s assistance in producing this kit to the degree of perfection found here.

As we continue to evaluate this latest Fisher effort, the emphasis on quality continues. The landing gear has been mastered and cast in brass by Ernie Gee of G Factor, and they too are absolutely perfect. There is also a photoetched brass sheet that is typical of all previous Fisher releases and an instrument panel “sandwiched” photo film presentation. The decals (two full sheets) are done by Micro Scale Studios and appear of excellent quality, also no surprise for a Fisher Model.

The build should be a straight forward simple process, again not dissimilar from previous releases utilizing basic resin assembly techniques. And, as always, a fully detailed instruction sheet with step by step photos completes the box contents.

In the conclusion of this review, I’ll give you a blow by blow description of how to turn this kit into a hand rubbed lacquered jewel and I’m really looking forward to it. One rather important point…This is a limited production kit (200) and Paul tells me that over half of the run has already been sold. So if you have a love for Air Racers as do I, please don’t hesitate to contact Paul and get your order placed. Visit their website for ordering information at fishermodels.com and while you’re there, check out the sneak preview of the soon to be released F7U Cutlass in 1/32nd scale…WOW! If that puppy is of the same quality as his previous kits (and I’m sure it is)…Double WOW!

Many thanks to Fisher Model & Pattern for this review sample. Watch for the full build article soon!

Most highly recommended


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