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The growing number of 3D printed kits is a boon to the hobby. We are now getting 3D printed kits of subjects that are not economically viable in styrene and for subjects long ignored by the big manufactures. But, new technologies bring new problems. Removing the 3D printed parts from the support structures and rafts can be a bit of work and as I have discovered the resin will quickly dull your expensive sprue cutter! CMK from the Czech Republic comes to the rescue with a new razor saw handle with a triangular blade that is perfect for dealing with these supports.


The H1010 Razor Saw Profi Set includes a nice one-piece molded handle with a triangular and a rectangular razor saw blade. The molded handle is well shaped and comfortable in the hand. It securely holds the blades. The blades are attached with two screws and a securing plate. The set includes an H1018 triangular razor saw with 57 teeth on one side and 80 teeth on the other. Also included is an H1019 “multi-shift” rectangular saw blade with 55 teeth on one side and 77 teeth on the other. This blade has angled mounting slots allowing you to install it with a longer reach than regular blades. The handle does accommodate the existing selection of CMK razor saw blades.

The triangular blade allows you to reach into the raft and quickly cut the supports that can’t be reached by a normal razor saw. Likewise, the rectangular “multi-shift” blade allows a bit more reach before the blade holder interferes with the parts or the raft. The fine side of the blades cuts the resin quickly and smoothly. It only takes a couple of strokes to cut the support. I did not find the courser side of the blade to be useful for separating parts. For separating supports, I prefer the triangular blade. It got into more places that the rectangular blade. I didn’t notice any dulling of the blade during the single kit I built for this review. But replacement blades are available from the manufacturer.


I admit it. I am a hobby tool guy. I like to try new things to take the labor out of builds. Unfortunately, many of the tools don’t prove useful and migrate to the drawer of shame. I think this triangular razor saw and its well-shaped handle will stay at the top front of my tool tray when I’m working on resin. Thanks to CMK or providing the review saw.


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