Railway Modeling - Painting Realistic Trains

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Softcover book, 148 pages in full color, English
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Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez - Website: Visit Site
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This book illustrates how to liven pre-painted toy-like train kits by painting and adding weathering such as dust, dirt, grime, and other dirt effects. The book also shows how to create worn effects like rust, chipping, worn wood, spilled fuel, and burn damage. Various modeling techniques are illustrated with step-by-step photos of paints and other products to apply weathering and wear effects to train cars.

Example work of five different modelers are included:

  • Ovidiu Cupse
  • Graziano Ghetti
  • Federico Emanuel Martinez
  • Déak Róbert
  • Mig Jiménez

The book has 14 chapters 8 to 14 pages long, each illustrating a different train car or diorama setting and how various weathering effects are achieved:

  1. CFR 40.001 Steam Locomotive – Rusted, worn locomotive.
  2. Guterwagen – Abandoned box car.
  3. Carro HG F.S. – Dirty & dusty boxcar.
  4. ROCO Radwagen GGMHS – Box car in disrepair.
  5. Marklin BR 78 – Filthy, dusty, grimy locomotive.
  6. GAGS Freight Rail Car – Rusty, dirty box car.
  7. 060-DA Diesel Locomotive – Greasy, exhaust stained, rusty.
  8. Schalfwagen TYP S der CIWL – Subtle dirt & wear.
  9. VTG Oil Cars – Rust & oil-streaking.
  10. Marklin Sudzucker Molasses – Prolonged exposure to accumulated dirt, streaking, & grime.
  11. EMD SD70 BNSF -A well-worn locomotive.
  12. Zan’s Mitrag – Rust & oil streaking.
  13. Burned Out Taurus Railjet – Burned-out locomotive.
  14. Railway Areas – Dirty, oily, sooty tracks & roadbeds.

Each chapter has a brief paragraph describing the train car and overall photographs showing the completed kit. Detailed finishing steps show painting and weathering using clear, sharp photographs. Written text is limited to the short captions that describe the work shown in each photograph. The various paints and weathering products are called out in each step using primarily AMMO by Mig products. The steps show airbrush distances and other modeling tips used for the weathering techniques. All of the photographs are clear, sharp, and clearly illustrate the work being done. Photographs of actual train cars are used in some of the chapters for additional reference material.

This book is an excellent reference for train modelers to create different weathering effects that can be used on a wide range of cars. The modeling techniques illustrated can also be used on other types of vehicles and are a great way to learn different techniques. The book would be a valuable resource for train modelers, and other modelers interested in the different weathering techniques.

Thanks to Ammo of Mig for Producing this nicely done book and providing the review sample to IPMS.


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