RAF Fighter Pilot - Battle of Britain

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Ultracast has added a 1/32 scale RAF Battle of Britain pilot to their growing line of resin figures. With the recent releases (and rereleases) of numerous 1/32 scale Spitfire kits, it’s not surprising that this manufacturer has chosen this time to offer a kit that builds into an appropriate figure for this aircraft.

Five light cream-colored resin parts make up this kit and, as with all other offerings from Ultracast, the parts are beautifully cast and bubble free. As the photo below shows, the kit provides the main torso, head (with flying helmet and goggles), left and right arm and legs that are attached to pour blocks by thin connecting sprue that are very easy to remove and clean up. Overall, the details are crisp and the proportions are believable. The flight uniform, boots, helmet and goggles are well sculpted and face is exceptionally well rendered.

The head and arms are designed to be positioned in a casual pose. Fortunately, the parts are keyed with pegs and slots for a quick and easy fit yet do allow some freedom on the model builder’s part to adjust the position of the arms and head in a slightly modified pose.

I tried different variations on the pose and finally chose to cock the head to the right and position the arms slightly away from the torso when I attached the parts. In this position, the pilot looks as though he has just heard his squadron leader call out his name.

It looks like Ultracast has come through with a perfect RAF pilot to place in a diorama with an early mark 1/32 scale Spitfire (or maybe a Hurricane too). Highly recommended.

My thanks to Ultracast and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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