Propellers for C-46 Commando

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May 19, 2020
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1/72 Williams Brothers C-46 Commando
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PlusModel was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic. Their product range is primarily made up of 1/35th scale resin kits, conversion sets, and accessories which are vacuum cast from polyurethane resin.

A new addition to their line is a set of resin props for the classic 1/72 Williams Brothers C-46 Commando kit. Each prop is a six-piece assembly of four individual blades, prop boss and hub cover which, when assembled, attach to the engine prop post.

Some years ago I spent many hours sanding down and re-scribing my classic C-46, assembling and painting to represent a Marine R5C-1. The starboard prop assembly fell victim to a nocturnal feline attach somewhere over the years, and I was looking to order a replacement set of B-26 four-bladed props, which were the closest thing I could find. About the time I had some time for the switch, this set from Plus Model Aero Line came available for review.

There were no instructions provided in my sample. However, assembly is pretty straightforward and simple, for those familiar with prop-driven aircraft. Remove the parts from their resin sprues. Use care with the blades, as they are fragile. Clean up any flash or casting seam lines. I suggest painting before assembly. Once painted to match your references (mine were black, yellow tips and steel boss and spinner), use CA glue to attach the parts. There is a recess in the prop boss arms to assist you in lining things up. I drilled out both the prop boss and the blades to receive a piece of guitar E string to help hol things in place while glue set up. When set, glue to the engine crankshaft.

This is an excellent and easily installed propeller set that will enhance the realism of your 1/72 Williams Brothers C-46 Commando. Very highly recommended.

Thanks to the IPMS Reviewer Corps and PlusModel for the opportunity to review this item.


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