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November 27, 2014
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The kit includes approximately 325 ceramic tiles prefinished with a light terra-cotta color. The color of the roof tiles is nicely mottled and would be ideally suited for Southern Europe or Mediterranean buildings. The tiles in this sample are much lighter than the illustration on the package.

There are 3 shapes to the tile - the typical field tile, a shorter field tile, and a shape with an extended edge for a roof eave or cap. There are few bubbles in the casting, some chipped edges, and some flash that can easily be chipped off. All these add to the nice texture of the tile. The ceramic material is very fine grained, integrally colored so any chipping will blend in, and can easily be trimmed with a hobby knife or sanding stick. No instructions are provided.

The tiles lay up starting at the bottom of the roof and working upwards. A straightedge and square should be used to keep the tiles in alignment as they are laid, and the tiles should be set in glue to hold them in place. With the ceramic material, white glue would work well for adhering the tiles. I laid up a sample area without using any glue to hold the tiles in place, and used 60 tiles for a 2" x 2" square, or 15 tiles for a one square inch. This means the 325 tiles would lay up to about 21 square inches, although some would be lost for trimming edges, etc. Add On has much larger bulk sizes of the tiles available on their website.

Comparing the Add On roof tiles to a sheet of Plastruct flat roof tiles shows the Add On tiles to have a much more realistic texture, character, and the nicely colored finish is wonderful.

These roof tiles will make for a very realistic roof, and while requiring quite a bit of patience to lay down the tiles, will result in a beautiful roof surface. These Add On Parts precolored roof tiles are very nice and highly recommended.

Thanks to Add On Parts for manufacturing these wonderful tiles and supplying a review set to IPMS.


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