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UMM-USA is one of the premier tool makers in the modeling market. John Vojtech has made many of these based upon his needs for his award-winning models. This is the Precision Sprue & Wire Cutter. This version, 02, has a rounded end. The piece comes in a plastic sleeve for easy storage.

So, let’s take a look at the cutter. I personally like the rounded end version as it allows great vision for cutting. The end comes to a sharp point and that allows a fine cut on smaller parts. The part is “springy” and acts like tweezers. Because of the action at the cutting end, it allows for a very flush cut and leaves almost no clean up necessary.

So, let’s take it for a test run. I started with the tires on Tamiya’s P-38 kit and they cut flush. It took one cut to lose it from the sprue and a second cut from the bottom gate off. After that, there was nothing left. The sprue cutter was advertised for wire also, so I grabbed some smaller diameter brass wire and it cut it smoothly also.

This is a great weapon in your arsenal in building and for newer modelers; it should be the first thing you should buy. Recommended.

My thanks to John and UMM-USA for the opportunity to review this excellent tool. Check out all the other fine tool at this web site also:


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