Postwar Armored Fighting Vehicles 1945 - Present

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Michael E. Haskew
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Hardcover, 7.5 x 9.5, 192 pages, 200 artworks and 40 photographs
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Company: Amber Books - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
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Postwar Armored Fighting Vehicles 1945-Present is a vehicle identification guide covering the post WWII era to present day. The book consists of 192 pages, which include 40 photographs and 200 color profile drawings. Each drawing has a paragraph with a general description of the vehicle and where, when, and by whom it was used. There is also a specifications box listing: Crew, Weight, Length, Width, Height, Engine, Speed, Range, Armament, and Radio.

The book is arranged chronologically and chapters include:

  • Cold War Europe, covering the Soviet Union, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • Korean War, with US and both North and South Korean weapons.
  • Vietnam War, US/ARVN forces and North Vietnamese forces.
  • Cold War in Asialooks at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, China and Japan.
  • The Middle East, 1948-90, covers the Arab-Israeli War (1948), The Suez Crisis, Six-Day War, Yom Kippur War, Lebanese Civil War, and the Iran-Iraq War.
  • Post-Cold War Conflicts, Gulf War, The Balkans independence wars, Peacekeeping forces, Former Yugoslav forces, The Caucasus, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Modern Developments, Europe, Middle East and Asia, South Africa, Brazil, The Far East.
  • Bibliography
  • Index

This book is full of useful information for modelers. It is a good basic reference for those who model modern subjects and I recommend it highly.

I would like to thank Casemate Publishing and IPMS for the review copy of this excellent.


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