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January 1, 2009
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1/24 Porsche 962
Company: M & S Hobbies
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The Porsche 962 was one of the most successful race cars ever produced. Being a customer based car, there were many teams that raced them at all the major tracks in Europe and the US. Every superlative fits this amazing car, and M & S Hobbies has chosen it as the basis for a series of decal sheets that will fit the Tamiya 962 kit. M & S also produces a transkit for the 962 that will enhance and accurize this kit, but that’s the subject of another review!

I received three decal sheets in the series. There are two sheets for the #86 Bayside Disposal car, One in Budweiser markings and the other in Bridgestone markings. The third sheet is in #16 Dyson Racing livery. Produced by UMI for M & S Hobbies these sheets contain all the markings for the featured car. Theses decals are about the finest I’ve ever seen. They’re extremely well printed and in perfect register. The colors are spot on to the actual cars according to my references and observations.

The two Bayside sheets contain the many narrow stripes found on the top of the car. These are reproduced in sets to aid in application. Also included are two sunshades with both copies of text so different race configurations are possible. As always, check your references as to the particular race you intend to model. The Dyson sheet contains all the orange and yellow sections along with the sponsor markings.

The sheets in this series are quite impressive, and welcome. The 962’s were great cars and I’m glad there are some decals being produced that show off the many liveries this car raced in. Most are very colorful and I’m looking forward to future releases. These sheets are highly recommended to 962 fans everywhere. My thanks go to M & S Hobbies, and IPMS 1st Vice President for supplying these samples for review.


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