Polish Wings 12: Mig-29/Mig-29UB Part 2

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June 12, 2011
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Adam Gołąbek, Illustrated by Marek Radomski
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Softcover, A4 - Pages - 96 (96 in colour), 200+ colour photos, 62 colour profiles
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Company: Stratus

Polish Wings 12 is part 2 and continues the story of the Mig-29 in Polish service started in Polish Wings 11. This work covers the ex-East German aircraft obtained from the Luftwaffe in 2002. It is a softcover book of 96 pages that includes 226 color photos and 36 drawings (side profiles and 4-views).

Following past format each aircraft is covered individually with photos when in German service and with many more in Polish color schemes. The eighteen single seat Mig-29s are covered extensively in 60 pages. The remainder of the book is devoted to the eight two-seat trainers – Mig-29UB. The last three pages are devoted to cockpit views of these aircraft. Additionally, it is noted on the inside of the front cover that Techmond will be releasing decals (1/32,1/48 & 1/72) for the Mig-29 based on information published in this book in the near future.

While the scope is very narrow, much loving care has been devoted to provide a great visual reference on these Polish Mig-29s for the modeler. If you’re looking for a finish that does not consist of Russian stars I can highly recommend this work. You’ll find many varying paint schemes, some quite colorful. I want to thank IPMS/USA and MMP Books for allowing me to make this review.


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