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February 26, 2014
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There are many glues and glue dispensing devices on the market. There are dispensers that brush on the glue, tubes that squeeze out the glue like toothpaste, and squeeze bottles that drip the adhesive out one drop at a time. But there are few dispensing devices that allow for very precise application in a controlled manner, especially within a confined location.

The Deluxe Pin Flow-Solvent Glue Dispenser is a precision glue-delivery tool. As Deluxe describes this device, it is “specially designed for the precise control of liquid solvent plastic adhesives”, and the key word is “precise”. The tool is safely stored in a plastic sleeve, and the application needle is protected by a pink plastic cap.

The applicator is a glass pipette, about 5 ½ inches in length, fitted on the “business” end of the pipette with a very small metal “needle” about ¾ inches in length.

One can use any liquid glue with the Deluxe tool, but be aware that Deluxe offers its own brand of liquid glue, Plastic Magic, so if you are a purist, be sure to purchase some Deluxe Plastic Magic along with the Deluxe Pin Flow Dispenser.

There are several methods to fill the pipette with liquid glue. The simplest method I’ve found is:

  1. Gently and carefully pull the pink needle head off of the pipette.
  2. Dip the pipette into a bottle of liquid glue and place a finger over the exposed end of the pipette. (The end of the tube NOT in the glue)
  3. Replace the pink needle cap over the end of the pipette that was submerged in the glue
  4. Remove your finger from the opposite end of the pipette. The glue is ready for transfer.
  5. In order to practice glue application, find a piece of paper and slowly drag the application needle along the paper. You will see the glue exiting the pipette and darkening the paper.

There you go! You can now apply glue inside wheel wells, inside an already assembled and installed cockpit, in those tight locations that armor and auto builders often deal with, and, in short, anywhere the tiny applicator tip will reach.

A word of caution; do not hold the pipette in your mouth. Do so, and you are likely to find that glue residue will find its way to your taste buds.

Deluxe offers a YouTube video demonstrating the Glue Dispenser in use.

Youtube Video Link:

I highly recommend this precision tool for use by modelers of all skill levels. Thanks to Deluxe Materials for making the Glue Dispenser available for review.


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