Phoenix Scale Modelling, April 2022

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English language, Staple bound, 84 pages, A4 size (8.3x11.7 in.)
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Issue 3, April 2022
Provided by: Phoenix Scale Publications - Website: Visit Site
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Phoenix Scale Modelling, April 2022, is the third issue of a new modeling magazine printed in the UK. Phoenix also publishes Scale Aviation Modelling, which focuses on aircraft models, and several series of books on aircraft, including modelers guides. Scale Modeller is also available in a digital format. The magazines are currently available at 250 Barnes & Noble stores for $12.99 with Issue 1 currently on the shelf.

I would describe Scale Modelling as a general interest modeling magazine as it includes six different categories of models.

  • Auto
  • Military
  • Aircraft
  • Figures
  • Sci-Fi
  • Maritime

Each section has its own Contents page with a listing and photo of the kits included. Each of the categories in this issue included anywhere from one to four articles on models. Each model is shown in two to four pages with photos of the model and brief description of the assembly and finishing. Page numbers are clearly represented in the upper corners with colors coded to each section. Photos are large, high resolution, and printed without background. The magazine is printed on glossy paper with high-quality photographs. Scale Modeller is not a How-to-do-it magazine, but provides enough images and brief text to illustrate how the models are built.

Each section provides a ‘News’ page with new and upcoming kit releases. There is typically a page or two of advertisements between each of the sections.

Magazine Sections

1. Automotive

  • Tamiya Peugeot 307 WRC
    • Building and painting the 1/24 WRC with alternate decals from Studio 27 for the 2006 Monte Carlo rally car for Henning Solberg.
  • Reveal Motorhead Tour Truck
    • A less complicated 1/32 kit built as a tribute to the English rock band Mortorhead, and their lead singer Lemmy.
  • Revell and AMT Dodge Chargers for the General Lee
    • Combining a 1979 AMT/MPC kit with a Revell 68 Dodge Charge R/T to create a replica of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard TV series.
  • F1 Honda MP4/4
    • Building Tamiya’s 1/20 McLaren Honda with the highly detailed Top Studio detail set.
  • Automotive News

2. Military

  • ICM Model T Ambulance
    • A WWI battlefield diorama scene is created with ICM’s Ambulance and four figures.
    • Das Werk KugelpanzerBuilding a curious one-man German armored vehicle captured by the Russians near the end of WWII. The vehicle is painted in a two-tone German dark yellow and olive camouflage.
  • Meng Churchill British Infantry Tank
    • A ‘World War Toons’ vehicle in a dark yellow and khaki green camouflage.
  • Models for Heroes, an article by a former RAF helicopter pilot describes how modeling therapy has helped his mind relax.
  • Military News

3. Aircraft

  • Kinetic F-16 C
    • Built and painted in the markings of Türk Hava Kuvvetleri. Includes a detailed description of the painting and weathering.
  • Freedom Model Kits X-47B U.S. Navy UCAS Air Refueling
  • Aviation news

4. Figures

  • Out of this World Alien Bust
    • Detailed painting description of an alien figure bust.
  • Figure news

5. Sci-fi

  • Swoop Repulsor Lift Vehicle
    • Not just another speeder bike, the ‘Swoop’ is more powerful and dangerous than speeders. This 3D models is painted and heavily weathered.
  • Hasagawa M.a.K Falke
    • A series of steps shows the wear and weathering of the Falke.
  • Sci-fi news

6. Maritime

  • Italeri M.A.S. 563/56
    • Illustrates the use of Worn Effects Chipping Medium to create a weathered wood deck.

7. Coming Soon

  • What’s included in the next issue
  • Places to be in 2022, Model shows from around the world.
  • Magazine information and credits.
  • Summary

This is a very well done magazine with high-quality builds of a variety of model types. The text provides a brief description of the model build, but is not intended to be step-by-step how to build it instructions. Printing is high quality. The ads are from quality companies that are relevant to scale modeling. I’d recommend this magazine to those looking for a general overview of a variety of modeling types.

Thanks to Phoenix Scale Modeling for providing the review issue, and I look forward to more!


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