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Oct 2022
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With retirement, I have of course had to seriously curtail spending, and as such, just personally had opportunity to read and learn of this magazine by obtaining it from our reviewer corps. I had read a few kerfluffles online about jealous rivals, and this was an opportunity to find out exactly what this new Mag was about. For Simplicity, I am using PAMI as an abbreviated form of the magazine title.

Up front to our friends at Phoenix Scale Publications, THANK YOU for sending this to us and I apologize for the delay in reviewing and writing same. I had to let the opportunity for others to ‘get something’ pass, and once cleared to receive the mag, “Here am I”. We have the usual overseas delay of 2 months to get mags into our local bookseller (those are few and far between stateside with our nationwide “educational” determination to become book illiterate), and throw in the factor when the “woke” buyer at the bookseller decides to put a magazine like this on the shelf next to the “naked doll clothing”, or “Knitting for dogs and cats fancy” mags, periodicals are difficult. I try to help, but ya know. I have attempted to get the store managers to expand beyond video magazines (that’s a real choker for me, “read about digital reading”). Not many of us old builders out here.

First Off: This magazine appears to be a new entry into the paper information world which used to get a lot of my cash back in my magazine-buying days. The format appears familiar and comfortably so. When I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall in the UK I used to enjoy going to the local booksellers down in Bury St Edmonds and Cambridge (WH Smith et al), subsequently walking out almost broke with all kinds of aviation modeling magazines the U.S. Market could not come near producing! (and that’s still the case…) Scale Aircraft Modeler International, Scale Aviation International, FLYPAST, etc, filled the table on my return to the flat.

Fast forward to 2022 (ok it’s 23!), here are (in their own words) what the editors and owners of PAMI state: (cobbled from their website above).

“So, let us tell you a little about ourselves and the rather unique set up of our business. We are a partnership of four people whose combined experience equals over 100 years working in both the aviation and modelling press. After so many years working for others, we have come together as equal partners in this new venture, with each partner bringing their own unique talents.

On the editorial side we have Andy Evans, who, during his 40-year career has been at the helm of five aviation and modelling magazines, as well as a contributor to many more. He is also a published author with over 60 aviation and modelling books to his name.

David Francis is an IPMS UK and Belgium Nationals Gold winning modeller (though he freely admits there were only 3 models in his class that year at Telford!) and he has edited one of the world’s best selling magazines for six years. His work has featured in numerous aviation and modelling books and magazines for the last 35 years.

On the design side we have Jonathan Phillips and Andy Folds, who have been involved in designing and producing a wide range of magazines and books over the last 25 years, including market-leading modelling magazines.

The core principles of our new business are ‘Value’, ‘Honesty’, ‘Service’ and here are a few examples of the way we will apply this approach.


Postage will be charged at the actual cost of postage and packing.


All orders for in-stock items will be dispatched within two working days of the order being placed. Any delays in postage will be clearly communicated at the time of any order.


You can contact us by emailing and you will receive a reply from one of the partners within two working days. All orders placed at our online shop for in-stock items will be posted within two working days. Any delay in postage will again be clearly advised at time of ordering.

Our team of writers has been recruited from some of the best modellers and authors from around the world, and we are constantly looking for new talent to contribute to our publications. If you are interested, please contact: “

On to my review:

The magazine world is difficult, and tastes of buyers change. I used to enjoy reading magazines and still do, but unfortunately in my opinion the recent trend has been lots of big pictures but little verbiage. Sadly.

In cases where editors pushed that format, I did not spend the money. It seems some of those magazines are bent on failing under such cases. I can put together a lot of images of nuts and bolts, but the language part supports the purpose of a magazine.

In this old guy’s opinion, the point of purchasing a Magazine is the condensed book format: Providing a lot of valuable imagery on myriad subjects, WITH TEXT. Phoenix Scale Publications appear to have met my requirements in all areas.

I found this magazine a great combination of new item information, build articles with excellent (in some cases contest quality) images, and narrative of historical and supportive value.

In this edition, the Gripen in a Retro Viggen scheme, Kinetic’s AV-8A, and ICM’s 1/72 family-model Mig 25 PU were all featured. Also featured were the 1/32 Trumpeter BF 109F-4, an OOB build of the Kinetic E-2 with lots of shamrock green paint, (YES!) and my particular favorite, a Zvesda 1/72 C-130J “whistle pig” in RAF anniversary colors.

I particularly enjoyed the combat file on the F-8 and relating the model build to the story with historical images. (As my grandson says, “MORE!).

The modelers contributing have done a great job, with the Kinetic E-2 being a “SOB” build (I find that ironic as the kit has issues) and the aforementioned F-8 with restrained and realistic weathering. This individual knows how to employ the airbrush. The Russian Mig 25 was a good build, had a bit too much dark shading on the panel lines IMO, but well done. And the AV-8A was another professional delivery.

Every individual input in the magazine participated to their best, and provided great fodder for a credible, salable product. All in all, a great effort by The Editors and Supporters and I’ll see if I can add to the list in the future. Thanks again to Phoenix Aviation Modeling International and the IPMS USA reviewer corps staff for sending this gem my way…


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