Peanuts Snoopy and Woodstock Bird Bath Ice Hockey Game

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It’s a model, it’s a game it’s two, two, two things in one! Atlantis Models has done all the heavy lifting getting the molds and license for this kit. Once built, you can play ice hockey. Inside the box, you will get multicolored sprues (yellow, black and white and one spring) all ready to assemble and play. This kit is well molded and has no flash. It is snap tite in that it all pushes together. There are stickers included for the hockey sticks, Snoopy’s spot and the markings on the “ice’.

Assembly, start to finish, will take about 30 minutes. A good sprue cutter or razor saw will help remove the parts as the sprue gates are substantial. The pieces are heavy too, in order to tolerate the beating the game will take being played with constantly. I did deviate from the instructions in that I glued Snoopy and Woodstock together and clamped them well. A quick sanding and I repainted both. I hand painted the eyes, mouth and noses and gave them several good coats of clear.

The rest of the assembly was the bird bath hockey field and there was not much to it except following instructions. I did add glue on the gear box controlling Snoopy and also added 3 in 1 oil for lubrication. I also glued the pin holding the spring in place. The stickers went on without issues and I snapped everything together and added our two combatants.

This is a great project to get kids into modeling. It is a game but also a model. It is cartoon characters too. It is easy and quick but can be detailed if desired. It is great for a snowy day or weekend to build with the kids and when done, the instructions include the rules to play. Very highly recommended for the nostalgia but also to parents and grandparents who love this hobby.

My thanks to Atlantis Models for the opportunity to build this awesome kit. Now, back to practicing Snoopy’s wrist shot.


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